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"We love Mediascouter. As a long term book dealer, we’ve had the opportunity to try a few different scouting services. Hands down Mediascouter has the best customer service. They are prompt, professional and courteous. The “other guys” failed to help on a critical failure of their system the day before a sale. Multiple calls and emails went unanswered while I struggled to get the device working. It seems like the sun, moon, and stars all had to align to get their system working. Thank goodness I figured it out in time for the sale. Needless to say, we dropped “the other guys” and bumped up our subscription with Mediascouter. Thanks!"
...member from Utah

"The first weekend after I installed MediaScouter I made enough money to pay back all the equipment plus $500."
...member from Minnesota

"You folks are doing a great job and I am very pleased with the service. Hard to think that just a few years ago I was wearing my thumb out punching in ISBN numbers and waiting and waiting for results to come back via the phone service!"
...member from Kansas

"I just wanted to say I had a problem with my Dell PDA and I called customer service a couple weeks ago.....I talked to a rep named Brenda who went 'above and beyond the call of duty' in helping getting me going again...........THE BEST IN CUSTOMER SUPPORT !....."
...member from Kentucky

"After testing several other scouting companies, MediaScouter has come out on top. The software gives me all the information I need to make better buying decisions which have turned into higher profits for my business. And, their customer service is better than the rest. My phone calls and emails are always answered quickly by a kind and knowledgable staff."
...member from Florida

"When my PDA broke, I waited days for my scouting company to call me back. Finally, I switched to MediaScouter and they were able to get me up and running the same day. The service is outstanding, the pricing information accurate and all for less than I was paying before!"
...member from Minnesota

"I started with you in November of 09 and your support person was very concerned and helpful. In the past eight months I have been able to purchase and upload about 1200 books bought at 30 to 40 cents on average and sell them from about $10 to $40 each. I was taking in about $200 every two weeks, and this month its gone up to about $300. I expect it to double in the Fall and Winter. All thanks to Media Scouter.

Now, I knew it was good, but lately I've learned it is better than the other systems my competitors use.

I've found three Outlet stores in my city that have books--hardcover at 50 cents and paperbacks at 25 cents. With Media Scouter I am able to buy twenty or thirty books at a time for around $8 to $10 and put them on line at prices from $12 to $50. I am able to identify textbooks, scientific books and some very obscure books that I would never choose on my own. Last week I got two paperback copies of a book about special needs children, remember a quarter apiece, and put them online at $38.95 each and they both sold the instant I listed them!!

Here's why I think MediaScouter is better than my competitors scanners.

At my outlet stores, they go through their books themselves first, then bring the discards out in huge 4 by 16 foot rolling trays---all in a jumble. Once they put out 6 trays everyone digs in like hogs at the trough and starts pitching everything shiny into their grocery carts. In about 10 minutes the flurry is over. Then everyone sets to work scanning and discarding books. I scan all the books I got my hands on, then stand next to a competitor as they scan and discard back into the bins. I scan their discards and find enough books to fill my cart...usually 20 to 30..out of the books that have been scanned by the Outlet and discarded, AND scanned by competitors and discarded!!! They bring out books four times a day, but one stop like this is enough to keep me busy.

I'm convinced your machine and Program is superior because I find $200 to $300 worth of books out of what 10 to 15 people have Discarded. I'VE BEEN DOING THIS CONSISTENTLY FOR TWO MONTHS WITH NO END IN SIGHT.

Previously I've sold books I bought by guess and by golly and ended up with 52 cartons of 25 books each I couldn't sell. MediaScouter has allowed me to buy only books I can sell and made my bookselling into a real and PROFITABLE business.

Thanks for Everything. Couldn't have done it with out MediaScouter!!!
Your fellow Book Worm friend, James"