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MediaScouter Main Screen

On your PDA, tap Start > Programs > MediaScouter. The Detail screen will appear.

Detail Screen

The Detail screen will give you a lot of information from Amazon including the low prices for Used, New and Collectible, how many of the items are currently on the market and the rank of the item. (The lower the number, the faster the item will sell!)

More screen shots will give a detailed explanation of all the components of the Detail screen or refer to the MediaScouter 2.0 User Guide which you can find on the MediaScouter website under the Version 2 link.


SUMM Screen Shot

Summ Screen

The Summ screen is a much simpler version to the main Detail screen. It tells you the basic information: lowest Used and New price, # of books, and the book's rank.


Search Screen

Search Screen

In the Search screen, you'll be able to search for any book titles you want to confirm the authenticity or to see if there are any duplicates or similar books.


Set Criteria Screen

Set Criteria Screen

Tap on Menu > Criteria to get to the Set Criteria screen. From here you can switch to one of two other customizable Criteria settings in both Simple or Advanced criteria or you can stick with the Default Criteria.

From the Set Criteria screen if your radio button is in Simple Criteria and you put your radio button in 1 or 2 and tap on Set, you will get to this criteria screen.

In this area, you can set the criteria to get a buy or reject based on the dollar amount input. This screen is sorted by rank range. When setting your criteria, you should enter the lowest amount of profit that you would like to make on a particular item in that rank. You may choose a different profit margin for each rank range if you would like. The profit is calculated by the low price minus 15% commission and minus deduct price (if you set one, details on setting deduct are in the Profits section in the User Guide on the MediaScouter website under the Version 2 link.).


Scouting Mode Screens

Options Screen Shot

To put your device into Scout Mode go to Options screen under Menu and un-check the Display Pricing Info/Profits Menu. Scouting mode is useful for when you have a helper scout. By putting your PDA into Scout mode you could send someone out to scout for you without this scout being able to see how much money you are making!


Scouting Screen Shot

This is what the Detail screen looks like in Scouting Mode. No pricing info, just Buy, New or Reject.