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Use of MediaScouter software
Get the quick and reliable software that runs on your PDA. The software displays the low price, median price, number available for sale, for both new and used. In addition, it signals a "buy" decision based on the criteria you set for the rank and price of the item.

In addition, the software calculates the expected profits from your scanning. This is automatically accomplished through a deduction for the Amazon commission and a deduction for the cost of the item. It also has the capability to just display a "buy" or "reject" decision in case you do not want your scouts to know how much money they are making you.

Access to price and rank datafiles
Mediascouter is constantly accessing Amazon information to update the datafiles. The datafiles are periodically updated on the website, so you can download relatively current price and rank information to your PDA.

Free email and phone technical support
If you are having problems following the user guide, you can simply send us an email at, or give us a call at (651)323-8468. Free phone support is available for members in the United States.

Access to our member services area
Members can access our helpful links to products and services to help support every aspect of their business.

Vote on enhancements to MediaScouter
Members vote to decide on which enhancements are made.

First month free to new members
New members will receive a $49 refund on their membership. This is not available on Money Maker packages.

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