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What is MediaScouter?
MediaScouter is a software program that helps you find media based on your criteria (rank, prices, totals). The software runs on a PDA or smart phone. It does not require wireless Internet. It works anytime, anywhere, even in buildings with the thickest walls. You install MediaScouter on the PDA or smart phone, and start the program, then you're ready to start scouting. You can either scan or key in the product's ISBNs, UPCs or EANs.

To better demonstrate how fast you can scout with MediaScouter, watch this video. Notice that the person scanning doesn't even have to look at the screen. A person hears the beeps and decides whether to take the book. You will hear 3 types of beeps: a beep for new books (buy only if in new condition), a beep for used books (good buy) and a beep for rejects (don't buy).


MediaScouter maintains a data cache file. That means you don't have to be connected to the internet at the time of your scouting. The PDA has all the data you need. The cache is updated often to make sure it contains the latest information.

Please see the Requirements page for more information on hardware & software requirements.

Screen Shots
Click here to view screen shots.

Setting up your criteria
You set up the Criteria form for the types of products you want (based on rank, pricing & availability). It also displays a message (reject, good buy, new only, not found) based on your pre-determined criteria. You can change your criteria any time by using the criteria form on the PDA. You can be as simple or complex in setting your criteria.

A sound will play if it is a new or used item you want. There is a different sound for new and used items, and also a sound for wrong or not found ISBN/UPC codes.

Data Updates
MediaScouter updates the data files daily. So you always get fresh data.

We offer free email technical support ( during your subscription period. We provide you with a user guide with installation instructions. Free phone support is available for members in the United States at (651)-323-8468.

Payments Accepted
We accept credit cards and Paypal.

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MediaScouter allows you to save the ISBNS and UPCs that you scan into a text file. This allows you to upload your information into other programs and allows for easy upload into Amazon and listing/repricing services such as AMan Pro.

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